What is a rodent control program?

Answer Rodent control programs are often run by government agencies in an effort to curb rodent breeding and activity in a given area. Through prevention and education, rodent control programs aim to prot... Read More »

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Is a mole a rodent?

A mole is not a rodent. Mole belong to the Insectivora family of mammals. Moles are pests in that they burrow through the ground in lawns and other areas, leaving "mole hills" or mounds. They have ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Rodent Mites?

Just as dogs and cats can become infested with fleas, pet rodents, including rats and mice, can bring their own infestations into the house. Rodents may bring with them rodent mites, and some of th... Read More »

How do I get rid of dead rodent odor?

Remove the RodentRemove the dead rodent. Use rubber gloves to remove the rodent, and place it in a garbage bag. If the dead animal is in a location you cannot reach, hire a professional to remove i... Read More »

How to Humanely Kill a Rodent?

If you catch a live rat, it may be a good idea to humanely kill it. Here are some methods.WARNING: Before proceeding to the below steps, keep in mind that handling wild rodents is dangerous. Any wi... Read More »