How to Get Rid of Rodent Mites?

Answer Just as dogs and cats can become infested with fleas, pet rodents, including rats and mice, can bring their own infestations into the house. Rodents may bring with them rodent mites, and some of th... Read More »

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Is a mole a rodent?

A mole is not a rodent. Mole belong to the Insectivora family of mammals. Moles are pests in that they burrow through the ground in lawns and other areas, leaving "mole hills" or mounds. They have ... Read More »

How to Make Rodent Bedding?

Do you need or want bedding for your hamster or any other Rodent? Big brand rodent bedding are too expensive, But in this article you can learn how to make perfect rodent bedding from things laying... Read More »

How to Choose Which Exotic Rodent to Own?

Stripey grass mouseHaving exotic rodents can be very interesting, but they need a much higher level of care than normal animals. Since many may be new to the pet trade they are unlikely to be tame ... Read More »

How to Know if You Are Ready to Care for a Rodent?

If you really want a rodent as a pet, check out these tips.Rodents can be very rewarding, intelligent creatures but please don't make the mistake of thinking they don't need much care. Any animal d... Read More »