Can anyone tell me why EVERY convenience store in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is owned by a middle easterner?

Answer The reason Middle Easterners own the convenince store business is because it is a type of business where you have to work 10-12 hours, and you cannot hire too many people or else the business would... Read More »

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What is the largest university in the United States?

The University of Phoenix, an online school, has the largest enrollment with 224,880 students. Miami Dade College in Florida has 54,094 students, which makes it the largest U.S. university with a ... Read More »

What is the largest United States coin?

The largest coins made by the United States Mint are silver dollars made before 1936 and Eisenhower dollar coins made between 1971 and 1978. They measure 38.1 mm in diameter. The largest currently ... Read More »

What are the largest air force bases in united states?

In land - Eglin AFB in northwest Florida, at 724 square miles

Where is the largest asian population in the united states?

The largest asian population in the United States is located in California. California has approximately five million Asians in residence, according to an article published by Asian Week on June 1s... Read More »