World Cup Soccer Structure?

Answer The World Cup soccer tournament takes place every four years. Each country that wishes to participate enters a national team for the tournament. The structure of the tournament has varied over the ... Read More »

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How much is parking at Disney World's Magic Kingdom?

Parking is the same price for all Disney World attractions: $14 for cars, $15 for campers and $18 for buses. Parking for the Magic Kingdom is in a separate lot and a ferry provides transport to the... Read More »

How much does parking cost at Walt Disney World parks?

The fee for parking a regular car or SUV at any Disney World theme park is $14 per day. Each parking pass is good for a single day at any of the four theme parks, so you can go to one park in the m... Read More »

What is the world's largest dozer?

The world's largest bulldozer is the ACCO Company's super bulldozer. It was built in 1980, weighed 183 tons, had 1,350 horsepower, a 23-by-9-foot blade and was more than 40-feet long. Never put t... Read More »

What is the largest sea creature in the world?

The largest sea creature in the world is the blue whale. The blue whale is also the largest animal ever to live on Earth. Growing as long as 110 feet and weighing as much as 188 tons, adult blue wh... Read More »