How many nerve cells are in a human body?

Answer Nerve cells, or neurons, carry electrical messages to and from the brain. Scientists do not yet know the average number of neurons in the human body; past estimates range from 10 billion to 1 trill... Read More »

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How long are nerve cells in our body?

The nerve cells in our body, or neurons, are approximately 1m in length. This can vary in different parts of the body, where they can be much longer. The longest nerve cell in the human body is the... Read More »

What is body disfunctionMy mother is suffering from nerve problems and pains at the joints ,she is not able?

"Disfunction" (spelled "dysfunction") simply means "not working properly".I might be able to help, but I'd need a lot more detail.I'm a homoeopath and nutritionist. You can email me.What were the ... Read More »

If you chipped your tooth and a small part of your nerve was showing how possible is it that the nerve will die?

AnswerWithout a root canal the chances are slim to none. You are in for some serious pain.Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost ... Read More »

What is the largest bone in your body?

The femur is the largest bone in the body. It extends from the knee to the pelvis. The longest bone as well, it starts at the hip bone and extends downward, helping to form the joint of the knee.So... Read More »