What is the largest meteorite recovered?

Answer The Hoba, Namibia meteorite is the largest meteorite recovered; it was discovered in 1920 and weighs 60 tons; it is 2.95 by 2.84 meters in size. It is believed to have fallen to Earth 80,000 years ... Read More »

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What is the largest meteorite ever found in the world?

The Hoba meteorite is the largest meteorite ever found on Earth. Although it landed in Namibia roughly 80,000 years ago, it wasn't discovered until a farmer came across it in 1920. It's estimated t... Read More »

What is the movement of a meteorite?

Meteorites travel through space into the atmosphere and fall to Earth because of its gravitational pull. A meteorite enters the earth's atmosphere as a fireball due to atmospheric friction as it fa... Read More »

What Kind of Sediment Is a Piece of Meteorite?

Meteoroids are fragments of rocks and metals that originate in outer space when asteroids collide, or as fragments of nearby space bodies such as the Moon and planets. Some travel through space on ... Read More »

Is a chondrite a meteorite?

Yes. NASA defines chondrites as meteorites that come from asteroids that did not completely melt and may contain the particles from the solar nebula in which the solar system was formed. Most chon... Read More »