What is the largest memory card available for the nikon coolpix 3200?

Answer It's used to increase the focal length of a lens. There are two types you can get a x1.4 and x2. If you place the x2 between the camera and a 300mm lens, then you end up with a 600mm lens - but it ... Read More »

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What kind of memory card do you need to get the most memory for a Nikon Coolpix s220?

The Nikon CoolPix takes SD or SDHC cards. The largest right now (August 2009) are 32 Gb cards though it appears that Toshiba are launching 64 Gb SDXC cards soon and 128 Gb and on up to 2 Tb cards a... Read More »

What memory card do you need for the nikon coolpix?

Does nikon coolpix 7.1 megapixels have a memory card?

Ans: yess when camera on,then i click in power of mobile..then off.

What size memory card should you get for a 10 mp nikon coolpix?

I would purchase two 2 GB cards. That way you can take a lot of pictures, but you aren't putting all your eggs in one basket. Cards do fail. 4 GB cards are nice, but some older card readers will no... Read More »