What is the largest linden tree?

Answer According to the University of Minnesota, the largest tree in the linden family is the American linden, or basswood. The height of this tree measures 50 to 80 feet; other species of Linden reach he... Read More »

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What is a linden tree?

The linden tree is part of the Tilia species of trees. There are about 30 identified Tilias and 100 hybrids, with the pyramid-shaped American linden (Tilia americana) and the European lindens the ... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of the Linden Tree?

The linden tree (Tilia spp), also known as the lime tree or basswood, is known for its ability to develop in urban areas in Europe, eastern North America and Asia. It was also considered a sacred t... Read More »

What Is a Linden Greenspire Tree?

The Greenspire linden, Tilia cordata, normally grows 50 feet tall with a branch spread of 35 feet. Also known as littleleaf linden, Greenspire has smaller foliage than other lindens, creating a del... Read More »

Linden Tree Varieties?

Linden tree (Tilia) is a popular urban landscape tree and referred to as lime tree and basswood tree. The tree is hardy and is favored for its tolerance of alkalinity and high resistance to common ... Read More »