What is the largest font size on an Ipad2?

Answer Yes it will

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What is a font size?

A font size refers to the size of a typeface in terms of how many points it's made up of from the lowest descender to the highest ascender. For example, a size 12 font is made up of 12 points, whil... Read More »

What is a font size measured in?

A font is measured in points, with each point equaling 1/72 of an inch, according to Font width is measured by pitch, which is the number of characters that can fit into an inch of s... Read More »

What size font is most professional?

On One Hand: 10-Point FontSize 10 font is sometimes used professionally. It can be used on resumes, letters, and other forms of professional communication. The 10-point font is at the smaller end o... Read More »

What size font is used on a credit card?

The embossed letters on credit cards are printed in size IV of the Optical Character Recognition B--OCR-B-- font, according to The Truth in Lending Act prohibits the fine print on a cre... Read More »