What is the USS Constellation?

Answer The Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31, was my home for two years, 1966-1968. I was an 18 year old kid in the Navy, and made two West Pac tours to Viet Nam on the old "Bonnie Dick". She was a WWll carrier (... Read More »

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What constellation is Aldebaran in?

Aldebaran is a giant red-orange star, which looks like the eye in the constellation Taurus, the bull. It is a prominent feature of the winter sky in the Northern Hemisphere, according to "The Mont... Read More »

In what constellation is the big dipper found?

The Big Dipper is made up of seven stars found in a constellation called Ursa Major, the Big Bear. These stars make up the tail and rump of the bear. They also outline the shape of a large ladle. U... Read More »

What constellation contains the Big Dipper?

The constellation of Ursa Major, "the Great Bear," contains a grouping of seven bright stars commonly referred to as the Big Dipper because of its likeness to a drinking ladle. The Big Dipper, an a... Read More »

What are the goals of the constellation program?

NASA's Constellation program would have developed a new generation launchvehicle to carry astronauts and large payloads to the moon, and possibly to Mars.The program has been "de-funded" and shut d... Read More »