Where is the largest ranch in Montana?

Answer The largest ranch in Montana is the Sun Ranch, located outside of Yellowstone Park in the Madison River valley. Sun Ranch contains over 18,000 acres and is owned by Roger Lang.References:Land Repor... Read More »

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What is the closest city to Pendleton Reservoir, Montana?

The closest city to Pendleton Reservoir in Montana is Baker, Montana, about 50 miles to the north. The small town of Camp Crook, South Dakota, is about 15 miles southeast.References:Fishing Works: ... Read More »

What is venezuela's capital&largest city?

Caracas is Venezuela's capital and largest city with a population of approximately 4 million. It is considered Venezuela's center of culture and commerce. The city was founded in 1567 and has exper... Read More »

What is the world's largest capital city?

There are three ways to measure the size of a city. As of 2010, the largest capital city in terms of land area is Tokyo, Japan, at 6,993 square km. The largest capital city for population density ... Read More »

What city is the largest urban area of Britain& capital of the U.K.?

The capital of the United Kingdom is London, England. The largest urban area of England is also London, followed at a distant second by Birmingham. London has more than 7 million inhabitants.Refere... Read More »