What company is the Largest independent US distributor of cellular phone and cell phone accessories?

Answer Superior communications, Tesco, or

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What is the largest cell phone carrier?

The largest cell phone carrier is currently Verizon Wireless. Verizon has 3G network technology, and nearly 80 million people subscribe to its service. Verizon offers its subscribers national calli... Read More »

What is the largest display for a flip cell phone?

The largest display screen for a flip cell phone is 2.6 inches, as of August 2010. Available on the Pantech Impact, the screen contains 240 x 400 pixels and only weighs 4.49 ounces.References:AT&T:... Read More »

If our Lord, Jesus Christ had a Mobile Phone (cell phone) what would be his network provider?

He's a carpenter - it doesn't matter what phone he has, all I know is that he's constantly on it when he's supposed to be finishing the job I gave him!

What is a GSM cell phone network?

A Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is a digital mobile phone network that is used all over the world. It is the most broadly used of the three wireless phone technologies.HistoryThe GSM... Read More »