What is the largest box the post office will accept?

Answer The largest package for parcel post: the combined length and width around largest point of the package must be 130 inches or less. With other package services, that size decreases to 108 inches. Yo... Read More »

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Does the post office accept American Express?

When paying for your purchase of products or services at the post office, several payment methods are available. You can use your American Express card both online and at your local post office.Ref... Read More »

What is the largest size flash card that the old Nikon Cool pix will accept?

Contact the support team from the Nikon web site to get a list of service centers near you. You will be asked to send the camera in, insured. There will be a charge to look at it, and an estimate. ... Read More »

What is the largest post army post in the united states?

Okay! Let's skip the "Mumbo-Jumbo". Here's the REAL answer. The STATE of New Mexico (if you don't know that New Mexico is a state, LOOK it up) has the largest United States Army Post! Which connect... Read More »

Will the post office cash a tax refund?

No, you cannot cash government-issued tax refund checks at the post office. The only monetary instruments that the post office will cash are U.S. money orders purchased through the post office, whi... Read More »