What Is a Bird's Flight Adaptation?

Answer Birds are the most diverse of the animal groups that can fly. There are many different types of adaptations that help individual species, but there are five that apply to all birds.

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Is the flamingo the largest bird in Africa?

The largest bird found in Africa is not the flamingo, but the ostrich. Ostriches can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh up to 285 pounds. Comparatively, the largest flamingos usually only reach about... Read More »

Is the male peacock the largest flying bird in the world?

The male peacock is not the world's largest flying bird. Native to South America, the Andean condor is the world's largest flying bird. It has a wingspan of up to 10 feet with an average weight of ... Read More »

What is a massive bird with a diamond shaped tail in flight called it is related to crows and allies?

Can a quaker bird breed with a white-eyed conure bird?

The white-eyed conure, or Aratinga leucophthalma, is a member of the conure family of parrots. A quaker parrot, or Myiopsitta monachus, is a member of the parakeet family. Although these two birds ... Read More »