Whats the largest peanut ever recorded?

Answer I can't show a picture, so that's a hard question. But I know it was very big!

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What is the fastest car speed ever recorded?

The current record for the fastest car speed ever recorded on land stands at 763.053 miles per hour. This record was set by Wing Commander Andy Green in October of 1997 in the UK.Source:Telegraph.c... Read More »

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in New Zealand?

The coldest temperature ever recorded in New Zealand is -21.6 degrees Celsius, or -6.88 degrees F. It was recorded in the gold mining town of Ophir, Central Otago, on July 3, 1995.Source:New Zealan... Read More »

What is the first song ever recorded in stereo?

Alexander Scriabin - "Poeme du feu" Op. 60, is the earliest surviving stereo recordingSeveral stereophonic test recordings by Bell Laboratories, using two microphones connected to two styluses cutt... Read More »

Where was largest recorded game of musical chairs played?

The largest game of musical chairs occurred at the University at Albany in Albany, New York. It was played on April 20, 1985, in response to a statement that the University at Albany was the most a... Read More »