What is the land area of france in square miles&square kilometers?

Answer France's total area is 211,208 square miles which is equal to 547,030 square kilometers. In comparison, it covers about four fifths the land area of the state of Texas. The country has 2,130 mile... Read More »

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What is the total area of France in square kilometres?

According to data from the CIA World Factbook, France has a total area of 643,427 square kilometers including overseas regions of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. The land area of... Read More »

What is the land area of Canada in square miles?

The total land area of Canada is approximately 3,511,023 square miles or 9,093,507 square km in metric units of measurement. The total land and water area of the country is 3,855,102 square miles o... Read More »

How to Determine the Area of a Circle by the Area of a Square Inscribed Inside of It?

A square is defined as inscribed in a circle when it is contained completely inside that circle and the square's four corners are also points on the circle's circumference. The properties of the sq... Read More »

What country did france receive that land from before the louisiana purchase?

France originally owned Louisiana as a colony, but ceded the portion west of the Mississippi River to Spain at the end of the French and Indian Wars in 1763. France gained the land back from Spain ... Read More »