What is the king crab's natural habitat?

Answer The king crab, or "Paralithodes camtschaticus," is one of the largest edible crabs in the world, weighing in at 11 pounds or more. Also called Alaskan king crab and Japanese crab, it has been made ... Read More »

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Natural Habitat for Hermit Crabs?

Hermit crabs are an interesting species of crab that live along the shore of tropical beaches. They travel along the beaches looking for food and shells in which to live. As they continue to grow, ... Read More »

Red King Crab in Natural Habitat?

Red king crabs are the largest of the red, blue and golden king species. The biggest known female red king crab was 10.5 pounds, and the largest male 24 pounds. Their estimated age was 20-30 years ... Read More »

Natural Habitat for King Cobras?

King cobras are the largest venomous snakes in the world. The average male measures 18 feet long, but some have surpassed 20 feet. When threatened, they hiss, rear up, flare their hoods and prepare... Read More »

What Type of Habitat Do Crabs Live In?

Crabs are some of the most easily recognized sea creatures. These arthropods come in many shapes and sizes, can regenerate lost limbs, eat anything they can get their claws on and can breathe both ... Read More »