What is the key exclusion in Erection All Risk insurance coverage?

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Are there any insurance companies that provide coverage for very high risk drivers and if so which companies?

AnswerThis is not an endorsement: but Progressive has built their business on insuring high-risk drivers. That's not to say your particular driving record will qualify for coverage. If you are cons... Read More »

What Is an Insurance Treaty Exclusion?

In insurance industry jargon, a treaty is an agreement between a reinsurer and the former insurer who is ceding an insurance policy. A treaty exclusion is a declaration in that treaty of special co... Read More »

What is the difference between warranty&exclusion in property insurance?

Property insurance protects items that you own--most commonly a home, but it could also include valuables. Warranties and exclusions are two terms commonly used in the insurance business, and they ... Read More »

How do you get medical insurance when you have depression and take medication and Blue Cross denied coverage and don't qualify for low income coverage?

Answer You can get coverage through the Benefits Companies also known as Discount Plans.Research the companies and look for the highest discount, what all they give you as a member, and the amount ... Read More »