What is the judicial system?

Answer The judicial system, which is also known as the judiciary, is a court system that applies and interprets laws instituted by the state or federal government. The purpose of a judicial system is to s... Read More »

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Where is the judicial system in the U.S. Constitution?

Article III, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution addresses the federal court system. The Constitution establishes the Supreme Court and "such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time or... Read More »

Who is in charge of the Ohio judicial system?

The Supreme Court of Ohio is the final authority of the Ohio judicial system. Most of its cases come from the 12 district courts of appeals. The Court also regulates attorneys and their practice of... Read More »

What Are Teaching Activities for the Judicial System?

The American judicial system spans your city, state and federal courts and encompasses hearings, jury selections and trials, which are headed by magistrates on one end and Supreme Court justices on... Read More »

Levels of Appeal in the Judicial System?

A criminal or civil case begins either in a state trial court or in a U.S. district court. After the original trial, the losing party may appeal. Further appeals may be available, based on the appe... Read More »