What is the job role of a nursery assistant?

Answer It is a glorified teacher! I am a nursery assistant and find the constant paper work, parents nights, assessments, knowledge of every aspect of the curriculum is hard going. I just wanted to play... Read More »

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What is the role of a nursery nurse assistant?

Im a deputy manager of a nursery and the nursery assistants where i work do exactly the same job role as a nursery nurse, we are all treated as equals. although as an apprentice you wouldnt be requ... Read More »

What is the difference between a nursery nurse and a nursery assistant?

A Nursery Nurse has a formal qualification - NNEB - which requires at least two years college training and she can run her own nursery, be left in charge of pre-school age children and can supervis... Read More »

What are the main duties of a nursery assistant?

- Assist children with their growth & development - plan activities around their needs & abilities.- Maintain the cleanliness & hygiene of the rooms, toilet facilities and toys.- Work with other or... Read More »

Interview Nursery Assistant - tips on type of questions?

My daughter just applied to a daycare. She was asked what her priorities would be be if she worked at the daycare. My first thought was safety. She answered (this was all on paper, so she had time ... Read More »