What is the job of the bladder?

Answer The primary function of the bladder is to store and release urine from the body as a form of liquid excrement. Releasing bodily fluids is an important part of the body's self-regulation.Urinary Sys... Read More »

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I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure for this type of bladder condition?

An IVP is an x-ray study of your kidneys, ureters and bladder. The following sites describe the procedure quite accurately:… Read More »

Where is your bladder?

In both males and females, the bladder is located inside the pelvis, directly above the pubic bone in the lowest part of the abdomen. This muscular sac is comparable in size to a pear when empty, a... Read More »

What is the bladder?

The human bladder, an essential part of the urinary system, acts as a holding tank for urine produced by the kidneys until such time as a person decides to eliminate the waste.DefinitionThe Bladder... Read More »

Is a bladder infection the same as a UTI?

On One Hand: They Are DifferentA UTI is not the same thing as a bladder infection. A UTI, or urinary tract infection, occurs in the urethra and is also know as urethritis. The urethra is the small... Read More »