What is the job of a union president?

Answer A union president is the administrative and figure head of a union or group of individuals organized for the purpose of furthering their collective interests. Unions may be made up of those in a sp... Read More »

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Why does the vice president and the speaker of the house of representatives sit behind the president while he gives the state of the union address?

Not really. If the president has already served two terms the he or she cannot run again. If he or she believed they stood a good chance of winning then they are likely to run again. If, however, ... Read More »

What does the president say the State of the Union of the country is?

What does President Obama say at the state of the union was?

Before he concluded his annual address to a joint session of Congress and the nation on January 25, 2011, the President said "it's because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes... Read More »

What does the president lay out in the Senate of the Union address?