What is the job of a train engineer?

Answer The job of the train engineer is usually taken by experienced train yard workers. Specific academic training is required to become a train engineer because it is a job with many responsibilities.M... Read More »

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What is a train engineer?

A train engineer is a person who drives a train on a railroad carrying freight or passengers. The engineer is responsible for the mechanical operation of the locomotive and returning train cars to ... Read More »

How to Train to Become a Construction Engineer?

Construction engineering blends construction management with engineering. A construction engineer plans, designs and manages building projects. He may plan and manage the construction of structures... Read More »

How to Train as a Maintenance Engineer?

If a craft worker is a master at only one skill, a maintenance engineer is the jack-of-all-trades. A maintenance engineer is trained to be skilled in a variety of crafts, such as carpentry, weldi... Read More »

What does a train engineer keep in his pocket?

Train engineers used to carry an accurate, regularly synchronized watch in their pockets in order to ensure that the train kept perfect time and avoided collisions. As of 2011, this rule is no long... Read More »