What is the job of a chemist?

Answer Chemistry is the field of science that deals with the composition of all things, such as the molecular structure and chemical components. Chemists are scientists who specialize in the chemistry res... Read More »

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How to Be a Chemist?

A chemistry career provides you with a way to contribute your knowledge and research to develop new products and improve existing ones, such as medication and cosmetics. However, before you can sta... Read More »

How Can I Be a Good Chemist?

A person in the chemistry field uses research skills in the analyzing and developing of chemicals, medications and technologies. Chemists are involved in a variety of industry fields, including med... Read More »

Chemist Job Duties?

Chemists are people who work with man-made and/or natural substances for a living. Government agency, for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions all hire chemis... Read More »

What is a forensic chemist?

Forensic chemists work in the lab to analyze evidence that is collected at a crime scene. These members of law enforcement look for DNA, fibers or other potentially incriminating evidence in an at... Read More »