What is the job of a bilingual teacher?

Answer Employed in both public and private schools, a bilingual teacher is trained to educate elementary and/or secondary students in either general or specialized subjects including mathematics, English ... Read More »

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Bilingual Teacher Certification?

The demand for bilingual teachers is increasing throughout the U.S. as more non-English-speaking students enter the school system. Certification for bilingual teachers, however, varies by state. Ea... Read More »

How to Become a Bilingual Teacher in Texas?

An increasing number of students speak multiple languages at home and in school. It is important to have teachers that can communicate with them on their level in the Spanish language. Texas is a g... Read More »

The Advantages of Being Bilingual for a Teacher in a School?

Teaching students to the best of your ability should be priority number one for teachers, but when students who speak other languages other than your own native language, teaching can become a prob... Read More »

What are Bilingual DVDs?

There are different vocal soundtracks in different languages. You can choose which language to listen to in "setup" or "special features"..