What is the job description of a plastic surgeon?

Answer Plastic surgeons are doctors who specialize in augmenting the body in some way for cosmetic or medical reasons. Their goal is to help patients who wish to change some part of their physical appeara... Read More »

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What is the yearly salary of a plastic surgeon?

According to, the average annual salary of a plastic surgeon in the United States is $286,540. Salaries for plastic surgeons will vary, though, based on years of experience, geographic l... Read More »

What is the starting salary of a plastic surgeon?

According to, as of April 2010, a plastic surgeon's starting salary is from $65,000 to $239,662 annually. With one to four years' experience, a plastic surgeon earns $101,632 to $252,1... Read More »

What is it like to become a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeons perform cosmetic surgeries to improve patients' appearances and they also perform reconstructive surgeries to repair certain birth defects or damage from injuries. Becoming a plast... Read More »

What is a typical day like for a plastic surgeon?

A plastic surgeon, formally called a cosmetic surgeon, is a medical doctor who possesses the knowledge, skill and the legal authority to perform operations on people for the purpose of altering the... Read More »