What is the job description of a forensic chemist?

Answer A forensic chemist works with law enforcement to identify and analyze evidence found at crime scenes. The information provided by these scientists aid investigators in solving crimes, but the chemi... Read More »

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What is a forensic chemist?

Forensic chemists work in the lab to analyze evidence that is collected at a crime scene. These members of law enforcement look for DNA, fibers or other potentially incriminating evidence in an at... Read More »

What is the education required for a forensic chemist?

Forensic chemists are responsible for analyzing certain evidence found at crime scenes to determine if a suspect was present at the scene. The evidence that forensic chemists concentrate on include... Read More »

The Average Salary of a Forensic Chemist?

A forensic chemist analyzes the composition and structure of unknown materials and substances from a crime scene to attempt to identify them. These professionals use multiple techniques and equipme... Read More »

What is the job description for a chemist?

Though you use chemistry everyday when cooking, washing clothes or taking medicine, the complexities of this science may be beyond your understanding. Fortunately, chemists are paid to handle this ... Read More »