What is the job description of a banker?

Answer Bankers process financial transactions at commercial banks, credit unions and savings and loans institutions. They assist customers and suggest financial services. Customer service skills, math apt... Read More »

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Business Banker Job Description?

Banks supply an important component of the economy, connecting investors and depositors with those seeking capital. Some banks engage in retail banking, loaning money directly to consumers. Other ... Read More »

What is the average salary for a banker?

The average salary for a banker varies, based on the particular job being performed. As of May 2008, tellers averaged $11.35 per hour. The pay for loan officers averaged $26.30 per hour. Bank gener... Read More »

What is the Salary Range of a Retail Banker?

The salary range of a retail banker in the United States is between $19,660 and $33,000 annually. The average annual salary is $25,401. Those going into the field can expect wages to be affected ... Read More »

What year did Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC start existing?

Coldwell Banker originated in 1906, when the real-estate firm was founded by Colbert Coldwell. The original name was Tucker, Lynch and Coldwell. In 1920, the company changed its name to Coldwell, C... Read More »