What is the job description of a bank employee?

Answer Banks have many different jobs. Each job has different duties but they also have duties and responsibilities that overlap. Some of the positions available are tellers, sales associates, branch mana... Read More »

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Why should an employee have a job description?

Job descriptions aren't just beneficial in helping an employee find the right job, an employee should have a job description so that he knows exactly what task and responsibilities are expected of ... Read More »

Does anyone know if you get in trouble for overdrafting a bank account when you're also an employee with them?

Keep a check register - you know banks make mistakes.Something tells me you are not doing this.Oversights DO NOT happen when you keep a check register.Also keep one months worth of salary in your c... Read More »

Employee Assistance Consultant Job Description?

The job of employee assistance consultant (EAC) involves expert evaluation of human behavior in and outside the company. She provides behavioral assessment and how it is affecting a company's perfo... Read More »

Employee Performance Evaluation Based on Job Description?

Job descriptions have several functions within an organization and an essential such function involves performance reviews. Indeed, organizations that do not base their performance practices direct... Read More »