What is the job description for the U.S. military police?

Answer The term U.S. military police refers to the law enforcement and security bodies of the various branches of the United States Armed Forces.BranchesThe Military Police Corps is the police entity of t... Read More »

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Job Description for a Military Police Platoon Sergeant in the Army?

The military police sergeant is responsible for the accomplishment or failure of all missions handed to the squads in her platoon. She is also accountable for the performance of each soldier in te... Read More »

Do military police officers wear military uniforms?

Yes. It is often symbolized with a MP (Military Police) badge clearly visible.

Do military police officers have military vehicles and weapons?

Yes, military police officers do have military vehicles and military weapons. However what equipment they use depends on what environment they're working in. If working in a normal base environment... Read More »

Job Description for a Police Academy?

Police officers have to have an eclectic body of knowledge and exceptional physical capabilities. In order to get these aspiring police officers prepared for the force, they must attend police acad... Read More »