What is the job description for a human tissue recovery technician?

Answer A human tissue recovery technician is a trained surgical professional who maintains the knowledge and skill to safely remove, store and transport human tissue. These professionals may assist during... Read More »

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How to Study the Molecular Composition of the Human Tissue?

The body of humans is made mostly of organic chemical compounds which each has certain role that it serves in the body. Some of these molecules are exceedingly complex in its structure and function... Read More »

Does a deep cycle marine battery provide enough amps to shock soft tissue areas of the human body?

There's a very real danger here. Using low voltage high amperage can result in serious burns. I'd recommend for purposes unknown you use the opposite - high voltage VERY LOW current power sources... Read More »

Description of the Anatomy of a Human Finger?

The anatomy of the human hand closely resembles other primates and, to a lesser degree, other mammals. A distinguishing characteristic is the thumb, but the other fingers are very similar anatomica... Read More »

Job Description for a Human Factors Engineer?

While many machines are highly automated, they still often need a human operator. In order to make sure that the operator will be safe, comfortable and able to effectively operate the equipment, hu... Read More »