What is the job description for a choreographer?

Answer A choreographer takes a creative vision and transforms it into reality. He develops and teaches a new dance routine to dancers or other performers. The final result can be witnessed in the form of ... Read More »

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What is the job description of a choreographer?

Dancers interpret the world of music with their bodies, giving physical expression to auditory art. However, such physical feats require youth. Many dancers become choreographers when they age.Desc... Read More »

How to Tell if You Would Be a Good Choreographer?

Choreographers are responsible for developing dance routines and teaching these routines to a group of dancers. Good choreographers must exhibit exceptional dance skill, as well as strong teaching ... Read More »

How to Become a Beauty Pageant Choreographer?

So, you are interested in choreographing a beauty pageant? Pageants are exciting for girls, but they can be heartbreaking and drama filled also. Choreographing is something that many can do, but fe... Read More »

How many years do you have to go to school to become a choreographer?

There is no education requirement to become a choreographer, although some may choose to pursue a degree in dance or take choreography classes at a dance conservatory. A choreographer must have a t... Read More »