What is the job description for a cartoonist?

Answer Cartoonists are hired to provide comic relief to readers or highlight news events. These artistic professionals take their creative ideas and place them on paper. Salaried cartoonists work with one... Read More »

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How to Be a Cartoonist?

Working as a cartoonist, also called a professional cartoon artist, you're responsible for telling a story about serious social issues or funny topics through scenes you draw. For instance, you may... Read More »

How to Become a Satire Cartoonist?

Interested in putting your excellent drawing skills to use making wry visual commentaries on social life? Becoming a satire cartoonist is not likely to make most people a full-time living but it ca... Read More »

Are anime designers cartoonist?

A "cartoon" is generally defined as a humorous or satirical illustration or comic strip. Using that definition, an anime designer would not technically be viewed as a cartoonist. However, since a c... Read More »

Sitcome about a cartoonist woman in the 90s?

'Caroline in the City' is a sitcom about a female cartoonist called Caroline Duffy who is played by Lea Thompson.