What is the job description for a brand ambassador?

Answer A brand ambassador is a junior level marketing professional who is engaged by an employer to actively promote the organization's products and/or services by interacting directly with current and po... Read More »

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What is the job description of a U.N. ambassador?

Founded in 1945, the United Nations (U.N.) is an international organization dedicated to fostering relationships between nations while promoting and maintaining global peace and security. Ambassado... Read More »

What is the job description of an ambassador?

The Free Dictionary defines an ambassador as "a diplomatic official of the highest rank appointed and accredited as representative in residence by one government or sovereign to another..." Additio... Read More »

What brand are these earbuds (description)?

I think they were Skull Candy. I have some Skull Candy earbuds I got last year for $5 on sale, (they're normally $10), and I really like them. They're really comfortable, and they stay in my ears... Read More »

Brand Marketing Job Description?

A brand marketing manager handles promotions of a company and its products and services. Brand marketing managers incorporate strategies to help sell products and services, using everything from gr... Read More »