What is the item most often stolen from hotel rooms?

Answer Towels are the item guests most often steal from hotels, according to a survey of British hoteliers; Holiday Inn reports washcloths are the most stolen item. Few hotels prosecute for theft of small... Read More »

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How do you check if an item is reported stolen?

How come store scanners don't ring up when you walk through them with a stolen item?

Items that are tagged with the little iron and adhesive strips can trip the electromagnetic system by the doors. If said item was not tagged with one of these strips (or if the scanners themselves... Read More »

What are closed rooms in a hotel?

Some hotels and small condominiums offer closed rooms, which means they have clearly defined, separate bedrooms or suites, closed off from the rest of the space. The standard hotel room is just one... Read More »

New york in hotel i want to see in rooms?

You can typically see the rooms on a 360 degree view at the franchise website. If that wont work, you can go to the hotel & ask to view a room. I bet they'd accomodate you :).