What is the issue with my computer resolution How do I fix it?

Answer The first thing to do is getting a driver update for your graphics board. Reset everything to default. Some programs override the general settings or are not capable of running in your screen resol... Read More »

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Windows 7 screen resolution issue.?

Dude looks like your resolution is at default resolution, You need to Install/Update your video driversFor your machine to know that you use 1920x1080 resolution monitor :) :)Here This software upd... Read More »

What knives were used in vietnam. army issue.marine issue and navy seal issue?

Answer In Vietnam the army issue knife was the M7 bayonet still in service with some countries today. The Marines carried, as they have since World War II, the Ka-Bar USMC combat knife. This knife... Read More »


This may not be the answer if you have a laptop i can.t help.A tower open the case and check your hard drive wiring, make sure the plugs are tight and installed right.There are 2 make sure one is m... Read More »

Hey guys!! is anyone is good at computer science Please help me with this issue..!!?

I think what you need is a root password and be a root user, this common in Linux/Unix/BSD (i think new mac os are similar BSD). "Root" user is kinda like the Administrator user in windows.You need... Read More »