What is the issue for a Hindu adopting a child?

Answer What country are you in? In the United States your religion does not matter provided that your home is a safe loving environment. I have no idea concerning other nations.

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Adopting an immigrant child in the US?

how do i go on about getting a resident order

What is the process of adopting a child?

The state that she surrendered her adoption in, would be the first place to look. Good luck getting this information if you're not her son, or an immediate relative. YOu said that she passed, so i'... Read More »

How much does adopting a child cost?

The least Expensive Type of Adopting is From the U.S Foster Care. Because it pays a least expense. International Adoption= $7,000 to $30,000 Depending on her/his needs. Agency and private adoptio... Read More »

What advantages come with adopting a child?