What is genius IQ?

Answer While not all intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are equal in determining the intelligence of a person, a score of 140 or greater is generally classified as genius. A score over 200 is classified as ... Read More »

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What IQ do you need to be a genius?

Your IQ needs to be at least 140 in order to be a genius. A normal IQ is between 90 and 110; if your IQ is below 70, you are feeble minded, and if your IQ is 120 to 140, you have a superior intelle... Read More »

What IQ corresponds with genius?

In 1916, the psychologist Lewis Terman classified IQ scores of 140 and above as genius. Modern psychological terminology uses "very superior" or "gifted" to denote the same score range in intellige... Read More »

What Classifies You As a Creative Genius?

A creative genius is defined as someone who possesses extraordinary intellect and creative power. Individuals such as Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Mozart and Thomas Edison are often mentioned when dis... Read More »

What is the classical piano tune on the UK ESPN genius advert?