What is the internet and how does it relate to the iphone?

Answer The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

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What if your iphone does not answer does not rotate and does not let you get on the internet and you have the gprs service?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

What internet services does the iphone accept?

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How much does the iPhone internet cost with 2 iPhones on one plan each with full internet and unlimited SMS?

T-Mobile, unless you unlock it......which will make the phone usable with almost all companies. However, the features might change depending on the service you use after it's unlocked!

Can i use a separate phone contract with free internet sim in a new iPhone 3GS and still use the iPhone on its internet for free?

depending on what plan you go on could be between 30 and 70 pounds