What is the inner corner of the eye called?

Answer The eyes are the first thing people see when they talk to you, and they are often referred to as the windows to the soul. But eyes are complex organs that are made up of many parts, including the s... Read More »

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How to Wax the Inner Corner of a Man's Eyebrows?

Some men don't like the way that their eyebrows look. They may not care for the shape or wish to remove the stray hairs that have poked out around the eyebrows. To help a man get the look that he w... Read More »

I'd like opinions on what color eyeshadow shimmer would look best in the inner corner of the eye with mac?

You want a white/gold/nude color to brighten your eyes. It should be shimmery :)

What are inner ear particles called?

Particles that are found inside the inner ear are called otoconia. They are designed to detect gravity and any back and forth movements of the body. Otoconia are attached to sensors in the ear.Sour... Read More »

What Are the Three Bones That Conduct Sound to the Inner Ear Called?

The human ear requires three small bones in the middle ear to transmit vibrations from the eardrum, or tympanic membrane, to the inner ear and then to the brain. These three bones--malleus, incus a... Read More »