What was the 80s or 90s kids programme called that featured a snotty like slime monster with trumpet nose or ears called?

Answer Get fresh with gilbert the alien

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What is a nose specialist called?

There are several different kinds of nose specialists. According to Wrong Diagnosis, an otolaryngologist is an ear, nose and throat specialist. Otolaryngologists treat conditions that affect the no... Read More »

I feel these flaps in both nostrils when i stuck my finger up my nose i was wondering what they are called?

The bit in the middle is called the septum, you may be able to feel the inside of your nostrils, or if you have a deviated septum you may be able to feel the deviation....stop sticking your fingers... Read More »

Is it bad if your lip piercing is making an indentation on the outside of your lip?

That's due to the swelling, if you follow your written aftercare instructions then the swelling should be under control. If the jewellery gets too tight go back and see your piercer for assistance.

How to Change the Indentation in OpenOffice?

By default, OpenOffice Writer documents indent half an inch by pressing the tab key, which is also the default first line paragraph indentation. If you want to change how your paragraphs or even si... Read More »