What is the incidence rate of vulvar hematoma?

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What cause a hematoma?

A hematoma is caused by a break in the wall of a blood vessel. The break may be spontaneous, as in the case of an aneurysm, or caused by trauma. In the case of a minor or major blow to the effected... Read More »

What are the etiology of vaginal hematoma?

AnswerA hematoma, or haematoma, is a collection of blood, generally the result of hemorrhage, or, more specifically, internal bleeding. Hematomas exist as bruises (ecchymoses), but can also develop... Read More »

Vulvar Pain?

Vulvar pain is medically referred to as vulvodynia. This condition refers to pain or discomfort when pressure is applied to the area surrounding the entrance to the vagina. The pain can occur when ... Read More »

What is the incidence of childhood sexual abuse in porn stars?

I haven't seen any statistics on the incidence of childhood sexual abuse in porn stars. However, if porn stars follow the same trend as prostitutes, then there is a high correlation between a perso... Read More »