What is the importance of worms?

Answer Earthworms aerate soil, allowing water, air, and plant roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. Red compost worms (Eisenia foetida) live near the surface of the soil, under accumulations of leaves,... Read More »

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Can parrots eat meal worms or wax worms?

Parrots are picky eaters and may consider mealworms and wax worms as appetizing as you do. Parrots are mostly vegetarian and the optimum diet is 10 percent beans and nuts, 20 percent fresh fruit, 2... Read More »

Safety factors and recognised standards of equipment and materials for children Importance of using equipment that is appropriate for the age needs and abilities of the child The importance of foll?

International standards are developed by the working groups of Technical Committee-88 (TC-88) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the recognized international body for standard... Read More »

Why are worms called worms?

Simply because they look like worms. Even the first person to discover one noticed that.They even taste like worms and is not a part of my cusine.

How can i get rid of worms?

Go see a doctor he can prescribe something for you