What is the importance of water for young bean plants?

Answer Beans are one of the easiest garden vegetables you can grow. No matter what varieties of beans you decide to grow, make sure you plant them in a sunny place. Pay attention to the baby plants and gi... Read More »

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Does the pH of the water affect the growth of bean plants?

The pH of water does indeed affect the growth of bean plants because the pH of the water affects the pH of the soil. Bean plants prefer a pH between 5.5 and 6.8.Source:Texas A & M Agrilife Extensi... Read More »

How does bleach in tap water effect the growth of bean plants?

the plants would turn white, in result of the chlorifyll in the leaves to "bleached". The plant would then soon wilt and die, because bleach does not have the right nutrients to sustain the life of... Read More »

Does tap water or distilled water make a lima bean plant grow taller?

On One Hand: Chemicals in Tap WaterTap water in many areas has added chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and iodine, which can potentially harm plants. Tap water can also be "hard," having high mi... Read More »

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