What is the importance of urinalysis?

Answer Urinalysis can reveal diseases before any outward symptoms develop, determine whether subjects have drugs or alcohol in their bodies, or help doctors monitor known medical conditions.ProcedureA uri... Read More »

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What does sp-gr mean in a urinalysis?

Sp-gr in a urinalysis refers to "specific gravity," a test that measures the amount of particles (often referred to as concentration) in a person's urine. Sp-gr tests will also measure how well tha... Read More »

Please Interpret Urinalysis?

It's just urinary infection. proteinuria will be disappeared by using appropriate antibiotics according to urine culture. besides too much epithelial cells means that the urine sample is first voi... Read More »

What is urinalysis reflex?

Urinalysis reflex, or urinalysis with reflex, is follow-up testing to further explore abnormal results found in a routine dipstick test. It involves culturing the urine to determine with greater sp... Read More »

What is the result of my two-year old son's urinalysis?

Looks like he is ok; just have him drink more juice or water. Looks like a routine urinalysis nothing notable...