What is the importance of staff development?

Answer Staff development helps cultivate a workplace that is open to new ideas and challenges. By providing training and mentoring to employees, you can increase productivity, reduce turn over and promote... Read More »

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Describe the importance of leadership models to self-development and the development of leadership traits?

Air Force, Army and Marine CorpsThe United States Code explicitly limits the total number of generals that may be concurrently active to 302 for the Army, 279 for the Air Force, and 80 for the Mari... Read More »

What is the importance of first aid in schools for teachers and staff?

CPR is important for any person to learn. Every place expected to have a large number of people (office buildings, shopping malls, schools, etc.) should have designated people with CPR training. S... Read More »

Staff Development Topics for Teachers?

Teachers will have various staff development needs depending on the level at which they teach. Effective staff development sessions will: cover topics that are of value or importance to teachers, a... Read More »

Staff Development Activities for Teachers?

It takes a lot of training to remain a good teacher. Students change, laws are passed and new approaches to teaching are always being developed. These all require educators remain up-to-date on tea... Read More »