What is the importance of safeguarding children?

Answer All people deserve safe and happy lives. Children need special attention because they are least able to care for and protect themselves.

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The duty of all within the sector of safeguarding children including the difficulties in situations where your concerns may not be seen to be taken seriously or followed through when following normal?

most of the time idon't tell my parentscause idk how theyregunna react!!!!!!so its kinda your callbut if u do decide to tell themsay there is this guy that likes meand i like him back and he askedm... Read More »

Safety factors and recognised standards of equipment and materials for children Importance of using equipment that is appropriate for the age needs and abilities of the child The importance of foll?

International standards are developed by the working groups of Technical Committee-88 (TC-88) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the recognized international body for standard... Read More »

The Importance of Art in Children's Education?

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Importance of Math for Children?

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