What is the importance of music engineering?

Answer A music engineers has an ear for music and the technical skill to record different instruments and voices, and put it all together into a piece of music. Music engineering is important in the produ... Read More »

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What is the importance of music in your life?

If man is the best creation of God then music is the best creation of man.It not only touches the heart but also manifests the implicit humanity and sensitivity which has separated man from animal.... Read More »

What is music engineering?

Music engineering is the process of recording and optimizing music for playback and starts well before the actual recording of music, with the careful selection of instruments, microphones and reco... Read More »

Importance of Music in Elementary Schools?

Schools today focus increasingly on educational objectives and goals. Coupled with budgeting crises in school districts across the nation, students in the United States are at risk of losing their ... Read More »

Importance of Music in High Schools?

Music used to be a major part of education in schools, but the funds for fine arts and music programs continue to shrink. Many parents don't believe that music is an important aspect of education b... Read More »