What is the importance of lighting candles at Advent?

Answer Catholics and many other Christians celebrate Advent for four weeks before Christmas. Worshipers light one candle the first Sunday of Advent and an additional candle each Sunday until Christmas. Th... Read More »

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What do Lutherans believe that the Advent candles in the Advent wreath mean or represent?

During the four weeks leading up to Christmas, Lutherans celebrate Advent. Part of the tradition is to have an Advent wreath with four candles arranged around the circle and one candle in the middl... Read More »

What are the advent candles?

Advent candles are lit during the advent season, which is prior to Christmas. The word "advent" comes from the Latin word "adventus," meaning "to come," which is a reference to the birth of Jesus C... Read More »

What is the meaning of Advent candles?

During the four weeks leading up to Christmas, many Christians celebrate Advent. Each Sunday of Advent, they light an additional candle in the Advent wreath until all of the candles are lit.History... Read More »

What do the Advent candles mean?

Advent candles are used to herald the arrival of Christmas and to celebrate the season leading to Christmas Day. The candles are usually part of an Advent wreath set on a tabletop, counter or mante... Read More »