What is the import duty for iPhone?

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What is the import duty on a car in India?

The import duty on a car in India is 101.91 percent. The Chennai customs website says the duty amount is broken down thus: basic customs duty 35 percent, special excise duty 24 percent, additional ... Read More »

What are Import Duty Tariffs?

A tariff is the application of a duty against goods and services from a foreign supplier. It is a tax on the value of imported goods, which raises their price to consumers. Governments introduce ta... Read More »

Definition of an Import Duty?

Import duty is money paid for permission to import goods or service from another country. It is a tax added to the price of a product by the authorities of the importing country. Import duties are ... Read More »

How do i estimate u.s. customs import duty?

Harmonized Tariff ScheduleRefer to the official document used by U.S. Customs, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, or HTS (see link in Resources). Review the government’s chapter overview and find y... Read More »