What is the impact of steady employment on a credit application?

Answer One of the things a lender looks at when it processes credit applications is the length of the borrower's employment. Many employers like to see two years of employment. The longer the history of e... Read More »

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How to Choose Between a High Impact and a Low Impact Workout?

Workouts are often categorized as either high-impact or low-impact. This refers mainly to the force that the exercise exerts against your joints, including your spine and connective tissues like li... Read More »

How to Be Steady and Good?

People, usually adults or adolescents, are often late to work or school, or may be stuck in a place thinking by sitting idly. So to improve this we must be steady- in other words not lazy.

What is steady shot?

Steady shot is a form of Image stabilisation built into the camera, so that you can take pictures and not have to worry too much about camera shake. This is an especially good feature if you are sh... Read More »

How to Get a Steady Violin Bow?

Correct violin bow holdHow to play the violin with a steady violin bow?. It takes some time -probably weeks or months - to get the bow to move in the right way on the violin strings. Here is a smal... Read More »